Economy management

The economy management and finance of LLP «Service-Ros» is manage by the Management of the company. Also, all financial managment of the company usually undergoes an approval process from our local and foreign investors who are partners of the company.


The Economical Management team is headed by the General Accountant/Accountant Director of the comapny with other Board members as part of the Management team such as, Head of Operations, Export Director and Head of Legal department. The team is to make sure the financial day to day running of the company is in good standing with expenses in input and output flow are properly documented and monitor as demanded by the Geneal Fiscal policy of the company.


The functions of the Economic management team are as follows:


  • To make new regulations and financial policies which is intended to control the companys expenditures both locall and internationally.
  • To make sure that the Fiscal policy of the company comply with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and standardise as in complete practice.
  • To provide the audit department of the company the right production (input and output) datas, expenditures and other variations of the company account keeping system.
  • Regulate product cost through the help of the production and operations department of the company.
  • Innovates and creates new systems of financial management in the company and same time discuss with investors to meet the market competition of the companys market target export.
  • Controls the profit index of the company quarterly and yearly.