Service-Ros Investors

LLP Service-Ros primary objective is to preserve, protect and grow assets through a detailed approach to investment management. Each design addresses the goals and objectives of our investors.

Over years, LLP Service-Ros has been able to develope a transparent and effective system of giving out share information to the group investors and prospective new investors also with good brokerage service the group has been able to give future profit margin of the company to its investors. This has build trust and strong partnership with the groups investors and foreign partners.

Investors Management

Our Investors are also part of our management team and investors management deals with the process and step by step way through which our investors investment influence the decision taking process of the executive board of the company. As part of our financial duty in transparency and honesty, our investors are always inform on  time towards any long and short term projects which the company will be targeting towards a long time fiscal year or already closed fiscal year. LLP Service-Ros investors management is in two form which are briefly looked into below.

Investors Capital Management

This is the management of the financial capital investment of our investors. According to our Investors Public policy, investors capital investment ranges from 3 to 7 years while such capital investment is classify as: 3 years-shot term capital investment, 5 years-mid term capital investment and 7 years-long term capital investment.

Investors Asset Management

This is the management of Assets of the company through the financial and project investment of our investors. LLP Service-Ros Investors Asset Management is only open for top management board of investors that already reached 10 to 15 years investment with the company.