Health and safety policy

LLP «Service-Ros»  put  the health and safety of its employees to be of paramount importance. That is why the company is  confident that all injuries at our operations are preventable and we strive to provide a working environment which ensures the health and safety of our employees and contractors whilst executing their assigned duties and responsibilities.
To achieve this objective we are implementing a health and safety management system at all oil and gas exploration and development project sites of the comapny and undertake the following commitments:
• To be proactive in preventing injuries and in protecting the health of workers through hazard identification, risk assessment and risk elimination or risk control in all our operations.
• To be in full compliance with applicable legal requirements relating to health and safety legislation which is established in the Russian Health Code system for employees of all employers both private and government owned companies.
• To encourage employees to timely eliminate and (or) effectively control health and safety hazards and to use personal protective equipment as and where required.
• To instill a culture of zero tolerance to health and safety infringements at all levels in the company.
• To disclose all necessary information regarding our safety performance and to engage our employees in all processes aimed at eliminating health and safety risks in all our operational activities.
• To provide all necessary resources for implementing and improving the performance of the Company’s health and safety management system.