Environmental protection policy

LLP Service-Ros has  been actively involved in programs related to the improvement of the social and ecological situation n the city and the region;  offering material aid to various ecological organizations. The company has been contributing to the training of  environmental  engineers at the Moscow State University and the Moscow Technical and Technological College.
We are working on strengthening the principles of a careful  attitude towards the environment in young people.  Competitions,  conferences, exhibitions on ecological issues are regularly held among  Secondary school students,  College students and students of Higher Educational Establishments in the city.
One of the main development strategies  of Service-Ros is the conservation and protection of natural resources and a decrease in the  level of consumption.
This is achieved through the introduction of waste — free and low – waste technology ,  modernization of equipment and reconstruction of production facilities.  Permanent  monitoring is carried out to ensure compliance with all requirements of environmental safety. Ecological  audit of all projects from the idea to its implementation is obligatory.
Regular checks and inspection require legislative norms and ecological standards.  “Service-Ros”  has continued its practice of holding public hearings on the ecological impact of new enterprises and the on — going  reconstruction of old enterprises.  During the review year, hearings on planned projects  were held on:  production of liquid carbon dioxide, air separation plant and reducing the emission of nitrogen oxide.