About Us

The Limited Liability Partnership «Service-Ros» was founded in 2001 for the export of petroleum products in the Kazakhstan region and same time the production of Agro-fertilisers products in the region towards increasing agricultural input and output for the local farmers in the area. While the company has its Operations office in Moscow, the companys major agro-fertiliser manufacturing plants are located in the Kaxastan region where export distribution are done to other offices of the company and delivery port in the Russian Federation.
Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of Petroleum export in Kazakhstan with the biggest and highest rate of fertilisers production, which has lead to faster agricultural aid in the region and same time help towards building more energy sector in the region.
The use of modern technologies allows us to work successfully today and confidently plan for the future development. Constant care of the client’s business and the accumulated experience characterize the company as a reliable partner.
The company pays great attention to the quality of products. For reliable quality control of incoming raw materials and finished products at the company created and successfully lab that meets international standards. Laboratory specialists carry out constant monitoring of quality control and examination of road bitumen. Existence of its own laboratory and the construction of its third Fertiliser plant in Kazakhstan to produce more tons of fertiliser which shows absolute growth of competitiveness and development of the company as at the regional level and in the international marketplace.